Rename Multiple files with Multi Files Renamer

Think you have a large number of files and folders and you need to change the names, it may be capitalized, insert additional word, remove a specific word etc. then each file have to be searched and modify; this is a pain is taking work. But now it has become easier with Multi Files Renamer

Multi Files Renamer

Multi Files Renamer is a free and open source application for renaming functionalities. This applications’ usability is very high, it divided application in to two parts one for file manager and other for see files and directories you can limit files or folders to display. After selecting necessary file you’ll be able apply renaming action it may be capitalized, insert, delete, replace, swap or filter and in addition to selecting one action it is possible to select multiple actions. After selecting necessary actions each one needs to be configured, next to the action panel configuration panel can be found. Configuration of each action is easy process all you need to do is provide your preferences in text fields and list boxes. After completing all the processes just click Rename Selected Files then the rename operation will start and it takes some time to complete depending on your file amount and locations. Refresh need to be done to see changes happened in the application otherwise Rename Selected Files button would be locked. Try Multi Files Renamer you’ll love it.

Download Multi Files Renamer

Multi Files Renamer


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