Recover Accidentally Deleted Files with Disk Investigator

You will simply not find the lost files using Disk Investigator. It helps to find a lot of information about the contents of your hard drive. Even you can use Disk Investigator for free; it quickly examines your disk and provides a list of information about its size and contents.

Information opportunity to fly over the head of anyone but the geeks geekiest: This all clusters, cluster size, zones, and more. Most people cannot fully understand the main window that displays strings of letters and numbers that, just the iceberg tip.

Its nature, this information is valuable for anyone looking for lost files: Disk Investigator bypasses the operating system and starts at the “raw drive sectors.” This file is missing, that you enter a search Comb your driver disk and allows searching them.

Scanning the entire disk and search lots of files, may take a long time that may be sometimes take several hours. The founded information by the application is hard to understand and it needs more time to go through all the stuffs. Although Disk Investigator have proved that the ability to identify some valuable disk files, therefore digging through the results can be worth your time. By using Disk Investigator you’ll be able to mine the vast amount of lost data such as accidentally deleted word documents, video files, unsaved data and even more.

Can be confusing and time-consuming to use the Disk Investigator, but at the end, the results will be worth.

Disk Investigator Pros

  • Locate files and its information perfectly.
  • Abstract vast amount of information and display them for further analysis.

Disk Investigator Cons

  • Scanning process takes a longer time.
  • Hard to understand the final result.

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Disk Investigator

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