Record Phone Calls with any Mobile Phone

If you are hosting as important conference call, conducting an interview with your candidates or revealing an offender who try cheat on you by phone, then you need a way to record phone calls.

There are various mobile phones available in the market, some are smartphones and most of them are not. So if you have a Smartphone then you are lucky, there are Apps available in the internet to do it, and do you know even obsolete phones can also record calls without spending single cent? Yes it is possible.

Before you start to record phone calls, these is some thing you need to keep in mind, that recording phone calls have certain rules and it changed depending on the state. So this can be legal issue if you record phone calls without informing other parties, so make sure you have written permission to prove that you have all the rights to do so. Apps and services like Google Voice and Call Recording Pro inform other parties that current call is being recorded.

Record Phone Calls with Android or iPhone Apps

Apple’s App Store and Google’s Google Play Store is kingdom to variety of call recording alternatives. Among them some are cheap and some are expensive, and some are good standard and some are west.

For the time being I preferred with intcall, it has both iOS and Android versions available and works fine with outbound calls, currently it charges per minute : according to their price list US costs 10 cents per minute. I tried this with a Samsung galaxy S4, it satisfied me. If you need to test-drive the app, then use their free 30 cents worth credits and see whether it fits to your purpose.

After you done with recording, you can directly play it with your phone or if you need more options like sharing, then use an email of yours or anyone else to send the .wav file that created at the end.  

If you are expecting little cheaper one, then try handsfree call Recording Pro, it’s working with both incoming and outgoing calls and available in both Android and iOS versions. The important thing to consider that, this app cost based on calls and it cost 99 cent per call. The recorded file is saved in the cloud as mp3 format and you’ll be e-mail a link to download it. The only drawback of this service that it recorded only 45 minutes, so call should be ended or restart after that time.

The android users have totally free option called Call Recorder and it supports both incoming and outgoing calls. However this apps’ recording quality is depending on your phone and its settings, so the total satisfaction is up to you.

A common Solution: Google Voice

If you are not satisfied with any app or your phone hasn’t compatibles with apps, then you still have alternative solution called Google Voice. Whenever you are calling the call will route through GV number, this will record the call ignoring which type of phone you are using. After registering phone with the site all you have to do is to press 4 to start recording and again press 4 to stop recording. The Google will notify all the parties that call is being recording.

After the call, your recorded files will be available in the Google voice account, just log-in in to it you’ll see all of them and these can be downloaded or share as your wish. behind the seen all these are happening free of charge.

But the problem is the Google voice only supports inbound calls. Other than it has nothing to worry about, the Google voice is the best call recording solution for smartphones and obsolete (dump) phones. 

Download intcall Phone call recorder

Handsfree.ly call Recording Pro

Phone Call Recorder for Android

Record Phone Calls with Google Voice

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