Install Windows 8 Virtually with Virtualbox

Virtualization is everywhere now as you already know it is possible to virtualize networks, CD or DVD ROMs and now you can virtualize a PC, these are called virtual machines. By using this technology you can install OSes (Operating Systems) inside and an OS. This technology supports Virtualization of Windows, Linux and MAC operating systems. In the tutorial you’ll learn how to install windows 8 virtually. To do this we need additional software installed in our PC and there are various Virtualization software available in the market such as VMware, Hyper-V, Oracle VM, Virtualbox and many more; This tutorial intend to use Virtualbox.


Virtualbox is a free virtual machine application that allows to create virtual machines with different operating systems. Currently it supports Windows, Linux, Mac, BSD and Solaris with its 32bit and 64bit versions. To start Virtualization with Virtualbox processor must be Virtualization supported and it must enabled form System BIOS Settings. If the Virtualization not supported and enabled errors will pop up and it won’t be able to install the operating system. There is a certain amount of process, memory and disk space are required to install an operating system like physical machine and if it is Windows 8 you need at least one core from Core 2 duo, 1GB memory and 35GB HDD.

After supplying all the requirements then we can move to installation of an Operating System. Virtualbox provides virtual sound card, video, network, HDD, ROM and USB for its respective purposes. These devices need to be installed after installing OS and these can be found in computer -> Virtualbox tools virtual ROM. Transferring files between the host machine and virtual machine is easy and you can do it three ways, using drag and drop method, using a shared folder or use the shared Clipboard and each of these need to be configured before transferring. To configure drag and drop and shared clipboard go to Machine Settings-> General Tab-> Advanced Tab and change those settings to Bidirectional. Shared Folder can be configured by visiting Machine Settings->Shared Folders Tab. After visiting Shared Folder Tab Right Click->Add Shared Folder then select folder from Host machine and make sure you select Auto-Mount or Make permanent otherwise you have to configure shared folder each time when you run the machine. Then lets see how to install and configure windows 8 virtually. 

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 windows 8 on virtualbox

Windows 8 virtually

See following Video for Installation Procedures


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