How to switch between Windows 8 user accounts without rebooting

Most of personal computers in the home are sharing each other, so there are multiple user accounts on the same PC. Because of the sharing you have to move around different user accounts, you have two solutions to move between accounts. firstly, you can reboot your pc or otherwise logout and login; without any doubt second solution is faster. But there is another solution that faster than both of them called switch between accounts.

In windows 7 you can easily find this option in the Start Menu, but windows 8 made a big difference that it changed its status and the location that experience user can be hard to find. We cannot blame Microsoft about these changes, because by doing this it’ll aid novice user to familiarize Windows 8 Fast. However experience user needs to familiarize of these new terms and location that it’ll help them to make fast their day to day tasks.

New changes as follows, log off now called as Sign Off and there is no any option called Switch User, you’ll see Usernames with avatar. By clicking on the Username, it’ll switch between accounts, rather than visiting to power section.

You can find all these options top right corner of the start menu, by visiting the start menu you’ll see your Username plus avatar. By tapping on it you’ll see all the options plus currently available user accounts. When you click on an Username it’ll move to that account leaving current account with zero changes. After you done with that account you can get back to previous account and continue with it.

windows 8 switch user account

You need to keep in mind that, this switching feature not reflects with account security that each time when you switching between account you have to provide password. So others accounts are totally secured.

Click on the Sign out if you need to completely leave the current account, then you’ll be redirected to Sign in (previously Log on) windows, so you can sigh in as another user.

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