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Now you already know google had replaced their Keyword tool with keyword Planner and if you are new to google Keyword Planner previously keyword tool it allow you to analyze the ongoing trend in search terms. The Google Keyword Planner tool allows webmasters and administrators to get an idea about how the site content should present to meet the business requirement and trend. Therefore this tool is vital for business continuity. Some peoples thinking google has discontinued this feature but it is fake and it is not discontinued it changed the location and move to the Adwords account. Because this tool most useful to who make ads in Google by analyzing ongoing trend and suggestions for keyword ideas. The new keyword Planner program has removed and introduced features form old one.

Following resource provide you a broad idea about replacement of keyword tool, understanding of keyword planner such as statistics and traffic estimations and how to get keyword ideas plus traffic estimate for preferred keyword.

Replacement of Keyword Tool

Understanding of Keyword Planner 

Get Keyword Ideas Plus Traffic Estimate

Keyword Planner

To visit keyword planner you need to login to adword account, use gmail account and password to login it. After reaching to home page go to tools and analysis then click keyword planner there you have new keyword tool. Currently three options available to you, the first option for single keyword, the second option for multiple keywords by using this it can submit keyword list upload can be done and third option can submit multiple keyword lists. After selecting an option it will be redirected to new page, here enter keyword, landing page or product category and Targeting and click on Get Ideas there you’ll have keyword trend. 

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