Clean and Manage PC Data with SlimCleaner Utility

So far I’ve introduced across a number of useful tools, SlimCleaner is one of important tool that you should installed in your computer. This tool mainly aimed at cleaning out the junk on your computer, it includes popular programs and capabilities similar to popular tools such as Piriform’s CCleaner and Trend Micro’s HijackThis, plus additional.

The SlimCleaner tool’s UI divided in to 7 part/tabs called Cleaner, Optimize, Software, Browsers, Disk Tools, Windows Tools and Hijack log  and each of these have different functionalities. Cleaner: this section would remove temporary files, clean registry and so on; optimize: allow you to edit setup items and services; Software: let’s you to list and uninstall the software; Browsers: manage and remove browser plug-ins and extensions; Hijack Log: display list of software and tools that might be cantankerous; Disk tools: that allows you to optimize or clean the disk and Windows: in this section you can find windows utilities and more.

Running the tools above and you can see the list of results that containing installed programs, obsolescent entries in the registry, installed plug-ins or extensions etc. Each item in the list is compatible with a social value, to view more information click the next button to display the results. Estimate the values of you and other SlimCleaner program user, you can view everything its online database knows about the item that you rate yourself, and see more information on how to help others. Results for safety and / or purpose of each item you take a database table begins in your browser. You can easily add information to the SlimCleaner database, and allows report accurate and useful to your company or yourself offers a position.

New features in version 4 a pseudo file finder, intelligent hard optimization, a complimentary driver updater and software updater, and this will include SSD optimization. Then generally no performance-wise, and a limited write cycles SSD is considered wasteful. This of course was before. However, the mere fact that the storage of information without erasing the TRIM command, which refers to a field, there are limitations as well as writing them in , SSDs writing practice helped tremendously to life . Only the Windows 7 TRIM command, there is no native support in XP and Vista Please note that.

Infrastructure Slimware that sent me running after simultaneous performance SSD test results showed an improvement of about 5%. Worth the time or write cycles, a value judgment, but it is difficult to find five percent of this is in daily use.

SlimCleaner work very well in my tests. It’s a lot of outdated log entries, to detect accurately reported temporary files, and a vast number of projects know. It’s a great interface and is free.

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