Add Movies, Photos, Audio from one Mac to another Mac’s iTunes library

It is a reasonably simple thing to do, You can share files but firstly you need to configure your devices let’s take two devices like MAC PC and Mac mini. As the first step lets configure MAC Mini to do that you need to go to System Preferences the select the select the Sharing preference after that enable File Sharing. Then run the iTunes on MAC Mini and keep it as it is.

Now lets configure your other MAC. Within the finder select Go > Connect to Server then click on Browse in the window that appears. Choose Mac mini and Click the Link As button. In Mac Mini choice  registered user and then enters the user name and password in the window that appears. Enable Remember this password in my keychain option otherwise you have to reenter you logins eachtime you connect.

MAC server Connection


MAC – Configuring links

You are now connected to your Mini; select the user account control iTunes on the computer. Dig down and select Music > iTunes > iTunes Media. You’ll find Automatically add to iTunes folder in the iTunes Media folder. Keep anything that can be added to the iTunes folder to a folder that is not attached. Hold down the Command and Option keys on your Mac PC and drag this directory in to desktop and this will turning it into an alias.

Now, when you want to add an files to MAC Mini all you need to do is to drag and drop it in to Automatically Add to iTunes alias, then it’ll transfer automatilally. Then you can access your files from MAC Mini computer’s itunes.

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