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internet sharing

How to share internet connection with others, and why should you avoid it

If you have a Wi-Fi supported router and smooth geographical area, then this is a really easy. I’m going to explain you how, and I’m going to tell you why you have to avoid this for your owe safe. First of all let’s see how we share internet connection, ...
Office 2013

How to Switch between Ribbon toolbar views in Office 2013

When Microsoft introduced its new Office package (called office 2013), it made big differences to its user interface as well. There are little variations hidden on this, by familiarizing these you’ll be more comfortable with this app. For an instance, ...
windows 8 user account logo

How to switch between Windows 8 user accounts without rebooting

Most of personal computers in the home are sharing each other, so there are multiple user accounts on the same PC. Because of the sharing you have to move around different user accounts, you have two solutions to move between accounts. firstly, you can ...
windows 8 compatibility

How to resolve windows software compatibility Issue

As you may know every operating system in the word updating continually, so this is for windows as well, then how about software, are they updating too? Yes it is. So can I run an old program in a new version of windows like windows vista, 7 or 8? Yes ...
android iphone phone call record

Record Phone Calls with any Mobile Phone

If you are hosting as important conference call, conducting an interview with your candidates or revealing an offender who try cheat on you by phone, then you need a way to record phone calls. There are various mobile phones available in the market, some ...
word logo

.Docx Microsofts’ new file formate vs old .Doc format

When Microsoft introduced Office 2007, it introduced new file formats for Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well. According to the new file format it added an ‘x’ to the rear of each file type and these were not backward compatible. When it happened, ...
portable application

Portable Applications – How to Run Windows Applications Anywhere with a flash drive

Actually you cannot run every application with a flash drive. But you can find different version of the same application that allows you to do so. These type of applications called as Portable Applications, because these programs can easily move between ...

Get Notified when site’s TOS and Privacy Policy Updates

If you installing a app, plug-in, or a software or registering with a new web site you’ll always ignore its lengthy terms-of-service (TOS). But the TOS is very important thing to consider, because it containing privacy , special terms, product or service ...
multiple monitors

How to set up multiple monitors with windows screen resolution dialog

For a many years, I was very satisfied with a single monitor. I have seen other peoples working with multiple monitors most of computer professionals such as graphics designers, video editor, Gamers but as a general user using two of them is a waste of ...

How to Fix Windows Blue Screen of Death Error with BlueScreenView

Microsoft Windows operating system has come a long way now, but it isn’t perfect yet. Is that anyone recently experiencing most common windows error called Blue Screen of Death? When Windows crashes in this way, you may be doing some important works, ...
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